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Upper Limb

Braces for the hand, wrist and elbow are usually pre-fabricated and fitted with specific adjustments to suit the condition being treated. Custom made orthoses are required if maximum control and fit are essential.



bracing is used to immobilise the joint or bones involved to assist in healing following fractures or after surgical repair.
Finger-HandFinger - Hand

Thumb Spica orthoses are often used to protect ligament tears or assist in the reduction of symptoms in repetitive strain injuries.


Wrist Braces assist in treating fractures or chronic injuries like tendonitis or reduce symptoms associated with arthritis.


Wrist-Thumb Braces are specifically for thumb overuse injuries or the management of scaphoid fractures.

ElbowElbow - Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a common overuse injury that bracing can assist with.

ElbowElbow - Fractures or dislocations

Fractures or dislocations are managed with Limited Range of Motion bracing that also protect against sideways motion.

ElbowSpecialised Solutions

Managing a contracted elbow requires a custom made orthosis using Ultraflex componentry.


Shoulder pain and instability can be assisted by soft bracing that mimics taping.

ShoulderShoulder Abduction frames

Shoulder Abduction frames are specifically used following shoulder repair or re-constructive surgery.




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